Maps Visualization Th significance of using mapping technology in digital history is the visualization aspect.  Actually seeing where something happened or where someone was at at a certain time is a […]

Week 4.1 Digital Mapping

Digital mapping is a great way to show the progression of events in history as they can provide more detail than static maps. For example, above is a map that Jarrett and I worked […]

Map assignment

This map I worked on with my partner Weston shows the olympic career of Duke Kahanmoku. Each point on the map has is a different olympics with the date and […]

Week 3 Mapping

Above are some screenshots from the project that my partner Rob and I worked on in class last week.  I think the mapping technology that is being used here is […]

Creating a map that sets locations to events helps people get a visualization of a better understanding of why it happened, and why certain people were involved. In our telling […]

Map Visualization

Map visualizations, like the one shown above, provide a much better medium to view events than a static map printed in a textbook or on a poster. Because of its […]