Digital Archives and Digitizing Sources

  1. Curating data is when you take raw and abstract material as part of a research process and which may be used again as the input to further reseach. The challeneges of data curation is being able to collect collect a wide range of data and making sure that they are in order. While perserving is when a certain material is at risk of being destroyed from aging or long periods of inactivity, this calls for intervention to preserve the materials that need saving. The challenge is to figure out what should be saved, who should do the saving, and at what cost. Finally, aggregating data is a proccess in which information is gathered and expressed in a summary form, for purposes such as statistical analysis. The problem with this is the accuracy of the data collected.

2. Some of the tensions with digital archiving are trying to figure out what should be archived or not. Also who should be invloved with the process.

3. In order to digitally preserve my family history I would have to select certain photos that I felt were special to my family and me. Then find a program that would be able to help organize the ones I decide to scan on to a computer. Depending on the content of the pictures I would then decide on either having them private or public. The private ones would photos that I felt should just be for the family and the public ones would be ones I thought would be useful or entertaining for others to see. I would put it in a searchable database where it would be easy to find them. I would make it easy for people to contribute to it, it would be fun to see others ideas.

4. The criteria archivists should use in order to know what to preserve is making sure what the objective of the project it and the size of the project. By knowing the objective you can make the decision on if you can do it yourself or hire other compnaies to manage it yourself. This may save you time and money. Doing it yourself would help make sure the project is done to your satisfaction. Knowing the size of the project helps you figure out how much money you spend since preserving resources can be expensive and time consuming. They must find a format that best fits their individual project since it is case by case basis when it comes to format.