Hi everyone, My name is Golsa, I’m iranian, born and raised in Iran – Tehran and moved here 6 years ago for university. Unlike all the Iranian students who would […]

Hey everyone, My name is Tiffany Esquivel. Sorry took me so long to post. I seriously am way out of my comfort zone when it comes to technology or using […]

Hey guys! My name is Jonathan Baker, but all my friends call me Baker, and I’m from Oceanside, Ca. I surf, lifeguard, and used to play water polo. I’m a transfer […]

I am currently in my third semester at CSULB, with my eventual aims being, to finish my under-grad, get into a good graduate school, finish a Ph.D., and hopefully obtain […]

Hey everyone, I’m a senior history major who transferred from Santa Monica College with the long term goal of becoming a history professor. While my preferred fields are United States […]

Hello All, My name is Totianna Steptoe. At the strong age of twenty-seven, I have found myself in my last semester of undergrad as a History Major at CSULB. My […]

Hello everyone my name is Sidney Banach but everyone who knows me just calls me Sid. I am a transfer student all the way from sunny San Diego! This will […]

Hi! I’m Lisa Mendoza. I just transferred from Long Beach City College. Which took me almost a zillion years, but I finally made it. While at LBCC I was an […]

Hi, my name Alan Williams, I am a first-year transfer student from Ramona, California. For those of you wondering where Ramona is, it is a small town in San Diego […]

I am a History major and I am taking this class to learn about how the Internet can be used to help history become easier to learn and access.