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Mapping Thoreau

Mapping Thoreau For our group work in class, we decided to map some of Henry David Thoreau’s stops during his life. StoryMap proved useful for certain projects and is user-friendly. […]

The Trail of Tears is a tragedy that happened on US soil that is never truly talked about.  In history classes in elementary, middle and high school the teachers mention […]

Irene Warner HIST 305 -Sp’16 Self Reflection I signed up for this class because when I got the email and saw the flyer I was really excited about learning a […]

Coming into the class I didn’t know how wide the realm of Digital History and the tools used. I signed-up for the class hoping to learn what Digital History was […]

     As we all know, this has been the first semester in which Digital Methods in History has been offered here at Cal State Long Beach. Before this class […]

Besides the designing work I’ve done for my website, the majority of my work has been done in research and collecting all of the deaths and the quotes and sources. […]

Project Progress

New tool I will be using, OHMS, Oral History Metadata Synchronizer OHMS will allow viewers to jump to a particular second within the interview page (by viewing a descriptive title […]

Podcasts are digital history! (note: not all podcasts) I like podcasts and I like history so I like podcasts about history very much. Podcasts are digital audio files made available […]

Hi all, My name is Irene Warner, and I am a hopefully graduating senior majoring in history and minoring  in web design.  A little bit about some of my favorites. […]