Omeka seems a versatile tool for maintaining databases of historical sources. Implementation seems to vary between different projects and a lot of that could have to do with standard practices […]

My topic is based off of my 499 paper but quite honestly my paper is a complete shit show. I have collected a bit of ideas from my 499 professor […]

Using Omeka was interesting in the sense that I was able to take archives and add it to personal projects as it offers a way to find stuff without having […]

Formal Proposal – Johnathan Vazquez and Josh Michaels For our project we have chosen Prohibition and its relation to Mafia/organized crime in the United States during the 1920s-1950s. The United […]

My project will be creating a digital archive  that will utilize omeka to host curated exhibits viewable and downloadable PDFs of video game magazines. I also expect to scrape data […]

Victor Cancino Prof. Smith History 305 3/8/20                        Proposal Assignment For my project I will be making a map of the course taken by Hernan Cortes and his conquistadors while marching […]

Changes & Continuities in the History of Lincoln High School For my project, I have chosen Abraham Lincoln High School as my topic.  Lincoln High School (LHS) is located in […]

Hello Everyone! After exploring the details of what is needed to develop a website using the OMEKA database, I feel like I have become more familiar with website building. Prior […]