Entering the class, I felt pretty confident in taking on digital methods in history. Although I am no coder or techie knowledgeable in source code, I have always grown up […]

As the reading from Julia Flanders and Trevor Munoz presents, Preserving, curating, and aggregating data all come with different challenges when digitalizing information. Preservation is by definition, “to keep alive […]

Ngram Viewer - Urban Studies Terminology

For my first Ngram Viewer, I looked up the terms gentrification, slum, gentrification, and urban renewal. This chart shows a correlation between ghetto/slum with urban renewal following the mid-50’s. What […]

Mapping Thoreau

Mapping Thoreau For our group work in class, we decided to map some of Henry David Thoreau’s stops during his life. StoryMap proved useful for certain projects and is user-friendly. […]