Kyle Rice

I took this class because I was talking to a buddy who graduated with a History degree and he said, “you must take a class with Sean Smith.” I didn’t […]

I must have been absent the day, this was assigned or just got behind. However, I do have a linkedin Page that I created about a year ago for another […]

URL? IrishImmigration1860s For my project, I plan on mapping out major locations in which Irish Immigrants were living and working at the time of the American Civil War. This is […]

Digital data curation is collecting various documents or primary sourced and organizing them digitally. This process is difficult because the curator must preserve the data, but also preserve the importance […]

Favorite Websites

My favorite website from our discussion is the Digital History website from the University of Houston. This website makes it easy and enjoyable to find information on the History of […]

Hi everyone, my name is Kyle Rice and this is my first semester at Cal State Long Beach. I am a History transfer from Long Beach City College and I […]