Jared McMaster

History 305: Digital Methods in History was a new take on the subject that surprised my ideas on historical presentation methods. The class, from teachings and assignments, allowed me to […]

The narrative of the Oregon Trail Game is simply to make it across the country to Oregon. This is a strategy game to successfully make it across the grueling environment […]

The differences between the practices of preserving, and curating data are simply the way it is stored, or archived. In DH terms digital archives are for all to access, a […]

Blog Post on Class Discussion

The favorite sites that were viewed in the class were Valley of the Shadow, University of Houston’s Digital History, and Virtual Paul’s Cross Project. These sites portrayed and properly used […]

Hello all, my name is Jared McMaster and am in my last semester here at Cal State Long Beach. A snippet about me, is that I am a Lifeguard for […]