I originally took this Digital Methods in History class as a requirement for the applied history program, but found it to be an incredibly illuminating class in learning more about […]

This map shows the path of the American military in the Pacific theater during World War II. This experience was largely beneficial in understanding how to use mymaps and how […]

Preserving means to maintain the data or information in order to ensure that the information is not lost. This may mean that an incredible amount of data may be preserved. […]

Which sites were your favorite and why?

My favorite websites are the Valley of the Shadow, The Emilie Davis Diaries, and the Mapping of the Republic of Letters. I liked each of these websites for different reasons, […]

Hi all, My name is John Baek. I’m a long time So-Cal resident and I’ve lived in Koreatown for most of my life. I transferred to Long Beach State last […]