Hunter MacDonald

I started off excited to take this class. I have enjoyed Prof. Smith’s classes and his teaching style. What I didn’t expect what the amount of information I didn’t know […]

Jared and I have been working hard on this project and it has take us a bit to put together what we really need to have on the site. I […]

The sites you gave us to look at this week were interesting. They varied in historical content and some had more accessible information. I did notice that most of the […]

Oregon Trail might be one of my favorite old school Apple IIc games. The premise is to get you and your family to Oregon by covered wagon across the planes […]

Going through the process of creating this map made me really grasp the importance and benefits of this form of digital history. I believe making history interactive and immersive is […]

photo of apple ][e

My name is Hunter MacDonald and I am taking the class for my world history credit, but I am also excited to see where this class takes me. The idea […]