Demetri Curlin

    As I continue my journey as a historian, the tools and knowledge I gain along the way continue to help my growth as a historian. Through the History 305 […]

What’s the primary historical Narrative of the game and how is it presented? In class, our table analyzed how video games can be used as historical narrative tools. As a […]

When it comes to digitalizing archives and information, a historian must take into consideration how they plan to continuously preserve, curate, and aggregate their data. Preserving data means to protect […]

In Class Assignment, Blog 2

            As time progresses and things change, the way history is researched, presented, and archived will change as well. The twenty-first century appears to be in a digital revolution and […]

 Good Afternoon, everyone, I am Demetri and I am currently in my one-hundredth year at CSULB and similar to you, I am trying to learn how to digital methods are […]