Byron Escobar

History 305 Digital Methods in History proved to be a very beneficial experience and one that taught me a lot. Through this course, I understand a completely different method of […]

The Oregon Trail portrays the realities of pioneer life on the Oregon Trail from Independence, Missouri to Oregon City, Oregon. The main protagonist in the game is not clearly identified […]

My map shows different Long Beach landmarks and is useful for people who want to go sightseeing in Long Beach. It can also be useful in mapping historical events or […]

While data preservation, curation, and aggregation are different, they are all important concepts to understand when working in digital history. Data preservation is when the digital historian actively maintains, protects, […]

Blog Post #2

My favorite sites were The Valley of the Shadow, Gilded Age Murder, and the Digital Scholarship Lab(specifically Mapping Inequality). I think these sites are effective because they are easy to navigate, and the navigation […]

Hey guys, I’m Byron. On top of using this class to fulfill my world history requirements, I am also interested in the digital method aspect of the course and how […]