My topic is based off of my 499 paper but quite honestly my paper is a complete shit show. I have collected a bit of ideas from my 499 professor and making a website will be very beneficial not only for this class because quite honestly I have no clue how to do a website let alone I barely know how to work my own computer. I believe the hardest part of this topic for me is just having to learn all of these skills on my own to develop a decent website. In my project it will focus on the timeline and a map of long beach Rosie the riveters. What someone will learn from my project is about our grandparents and those before us who may have no had the technologies that we do now. For instance there is a clear distress for us specifically in this time during the Covid-19 being stuck in our homes, but for those in WW2 there was not the option to stay home but “to fight the good fight.”

Considering we are on lockdown, I am working alone and will be meeting up with myself almost everyday lol. I will be my own project manager, however my research due to the virus I will be doing basically all online and finding my archives through data bases which shall be interesting to say the least. I believe my project is relevant mostly because this is something I have never done before which makes me look forward to it. I also believe its relevancy is going to be beneficial for those who are interested in Long beach history and why it became such a large city due to the mass migration for work in Long Beach during this time.

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