Project Proposal

My project will be creating a digital archiveĀ  that will utilize omeka to host curated exhibits viewable and downloadable PDFs of video game magazines. I also expect to scrape data from these magazines to produce graphable trends such as release dates, and scores sortably by either genre of developer.

The archive will consist of PCgamer magazines dating from the mid 90s to the early 2000s. The archive will be a good source for those researching media reactions to video games prior to their release, as well as providing sources for advertisements. The most difficult portions of creating the exhibit will have to do with entering the data itself, and scanning the magazines.

These magazines have been sitting in boxes in various places and should be easy to get on hand and scan in. Omeka is able to host the project online, but I can easily foresee setting up my own website to showcase specific aspects of what I am researching in these sources.

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