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Hello Everyone!

After exploring the details of what is needed to develop a website using the OMEKA database, I feel like I have become more familiar with website building. Prior to this, I have only created websites with WordPress and Weebly. These two sites made the process fairly simple and I feel like I was able to be extremely creative. Since we used OMEKA to create a database of information, the options were a bit limited. My group used items supplied by the Center for Critical Play which meant that we added in items to the preexisting website. In doing so, we mainly contributed by entering data into the system. From there we decided to build the collection and exhibit around the topic of strategy guide development. One of the main issues I had while constructing this exhibit was finding the digitized versions of each strategy guide. As a group, we were unable to find a few of the digitized versions, which meant that we had to either move on from the selected guide or digitize them through the process of taking photos and uploading them individually. Taking photos would give us a more realistic experience as to what archivists must do in similar cases, however, we decided to move on and select another item. Had we taken the other route, the digitization process of said strategy guides would be difficult due to the reflection of lights in the classroom as well as the position in which the camera was placed. Overall, this experience was a lot of fun and I learned a lot about the standards of consistency in archiving.


Michael G. Vieyra 🙂  

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