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After looking at the MMA Wikipedia page I can say that I would gesture anyone who wants a general rundown on the conception of the sport to that page. It does what it is supposed to do, it gets the general idea out there, and it also helps open up to others things they might have missed. I feel that the topic of MMA can really thrive off of a crowd sourcing information method mainly because the official sport is fairly new. Not to mention it never got real attention in many places of the world, meaning there are not a tons and tons of professional pieces on it. Many established sources have only recently started to properly follow it, so by having people who are passionate about it give their info is greatly beneficial. I can understand some of the gripes that people have against wikipedia, I have fallen victim to bad information found on the website. I still wouldn’t use it as a academic source, but I will say that it is more scholarly than many give it credit for. The biasing of information is a hard pass for me because I feel it should have the group narrative but also the sides that people don’t know about that are just as valid.

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