Omeka Reflection

Using Omeka to build our collection and exhibit made me realize how much information or data must be collected first.  It seems straightforward and obvious that we had to collect data to build our collection, but there was some information that I did not even realize was probably important to include.  For example, some of the information we wrote into our spreadsheet was the price of the magazine. Also, we had to input the list of contributors/writers of the magazine. I did not think of this to begin with because my thought process was that if anyone wanted to know this information they would just look at the magazine.  Thinking back though, it is handy to have the information already at hand for you.

Turning our collection into an exhibit was an interesting process.  I honestly was not sure how to phrase or put into words a description for the exhibit.  I definitely take descriptions for granted. I do not think I can write them very well because it is hard for me to write a descriptive but condensed paragraph.  I can see the benefits of using Omeka to build an online archive. Personally, I think it’s easy to navigate both behind the scenes and as the general audience. I do not know how this site functions for a larger collection, but I can definitely picture anybody using this for smaller projects or just to keep track of their own personal collections or family history.

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