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When using Omeka for this first time, I realized how similar it was to WordPress and other “create your own” websites. I recognized how easy to use it was and my fear about the technology itself went away. However, I also learned how important it is to properly document sources and make sure that when working in a group, we communicate what each of us needs and what we expect from each other. Personally, I had to use previous posts as a point of reference because I wasn’t quite sure what I needed to include. Upon searching for scans of original copies, my group found some solid sources that actually had everything we were looking for ( I liked being able to handle original/hard copies when organizing digital archives, but it was also neat being able to find full digital copies online. They made it easier to create item documentation and find some related sources as well. While using Omeka, I discovered a few features that I think would be especially helpful when designing digital galleries, not only document archives. 

Other than being a way for me to present my project, I think Omeka would help me find sources, reference designs, and ideas for my own site. Omeka would be a way for me to manage content that I want to publish because it has features that allow images, videos, and auditory files. Although I haven’t settled on a topic for my project yet, I know that I want to feature cover images, audio, and small amounts of text (to keep things interesting).

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