Blog #3

1. Preserving data is the process collecting data for the purpose of keeping it as it was, in terms of being digital this is like taking data and putting a copy in a place where it won’t corrupt. Curating the data is to then look at what is preserved and then organize it so it can be easily searched moving forward. Aggregating the data is to then put the data into a online cluster where it can be found around other similar items. The issue with preserving is always deciding what to preserve and the sheer number of things constantly being uploaded online.

2.One tension that was brought to my attention in class was how there isn’t a large numbers of companies whose focus is on digital archiving. In the “Collaborating to Identify” reading it was brought forward that there are some companies who are archiving but they do not have all the tools to make the archiving process viable. There needs to be more diverse talents working on the digital archiving, the same way historians work with people in other fields to get a better framework of the past.

3.When it comes to keeping my family archived online I would probably go for something similar to a dia de los muertos ofrenda. In that sense it would have photos that showed the human and loved side of them, and instead of having the regular trinkets and food they would be clickable objects that told their life in what was presented. It would be difficult to really to decide what is and isn’t preserved for the. I would want there to be the ability for others to add to the collection because there are other people who knew your family in a different way. Guaranteed the friends of people have a different viewpoint when compared to a family viewpoint.

4.For a archivist time to be used properly archiving data they should follow algorithms that show off how much traffic is aimed at certain websites. Then from there they can follow further and see where traffic flows once on the website. This method should be used when archiving social websites whose purpose is user/viewer driven. If it was to archive a website that is informative and not social then the focus can go towards the daily shifts, see how long something was on for.

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