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Hello Everyone,

My name is Michael Vieyra and I this is my final semester here at CSULB. I transferred in from Rio Hondo Community College in 2017. Since being a student in the history department at CSULB, I have been able to involve myself within the campus community. My concentrations are US and Ancient and Medieval history. Since this is such a small class, I am looking forward to getting to know everyone! 

I had originally registered for this as a requirement for the department honors program, however, after the first two weeks in class, I have really enjoyed the course material. Professor Smith touches on various topics of digital history that I have never even thought of. I’ve been interested in archiving since becoming a history major, and while there is an abundance of resources online, it is still difficult to conduct research without hitting a paywall or having access issues. By taking this course, I hope to learn more about archiving, cataloging, and developing websites to help make information more accessible to researchers. 


Michael G. Vieyra 🙂

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