Digital Archives and Digitizing Sources

Curating history in the digital word is in essence the documentation of the context of data and the relationships between different forms and functions of research. The collection and aggregation is the creation of meaning through connecting functions of institutions, projects or teams to the data they create, or also to the role of some subset of data to a larger information ecosystem.

The major challenge underlying curation, aggregation and preservation of digital archives is meaning the large amounts of data in digital form. Another significant challenge is the specific forms of data the humanities disciplines present. The field of humanities data grows steadily but presently its several major types of research objects and collections that present distinctive forms of data and distinctive curation challenges.

Personally, I don’t care to publish much of my family and myself into the digital world but not saying I don’t keep solid documentation on a flash drive or memory source. Ive never really been a fan of places like publishing sources like facebook, instagram, twitter, Pinterest and so on. I believe much of the documented media is shared only amongst the people involved or the family. I usually go for heavy amounts of storage specially in todays time high capacity storage sources are extremely cheap, they can be virtually limitless in storage. A terabyte of storage can be obtained for less then 40 bucks today and you can store close to 2 million photos or 500 hours of video.

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