Blog Post: Wordpress and Digital Archives

After seeing how wordpress is used I believe it can be an invaluable tool for the process of switching history into an online format. The ease of use of blogs is the first thing that catches my mind, after I got my editor credentials on here I see how it easy it is to get my pwn words onto this website. Using something like wordpress could not only be a great way for Historians to get the history out there to the general public but also a way to show other historians how to properly make the jump. One thing that has stopped me from doing new things has been being unsure about what it is I’m doing, but having other people who were where I was helps me get into it easier. So, by having historians help other historians transition to digital history we can see a better shift into it. Something like that is pretty neat

The websites we looked at interesting to see, like the valley forge one was actually nice once I understood that it came out before I was alive. I will say it is clunky to use as of now, but there are some that are still neat like the Virtual Paul Cross Project. We can get a sermon and look at the church on YouTube through a digital recreation of it. I feel the Paul Cross one is neat, I would fix the Valley Forge one by just allowing some coders to go wild with it. Allow them to improve it for the next generation.

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