February 2020

Hello Everyone! After exploring the details of what is needed to develop a website using the OMEKA database, I feel like I have become more familiar with website building. Prior […]

After looking at the MMA Wikipedia page I can say that I would gesture anyone who wants a general rundown on the conception of the sport to that page. It […]

While working on the Omeka project I realized how much information goes into bulding an archive. That you need to know almost everything about the source you want use. From […]

Using Omeka to build our collection and exhibit made me realize how much information or data must be collected first.  It seems straightforward and obvious that we had to collect […]

In this experience I believe that Omeka is definitely going to take over the data bases of future history archives. This ideology makes it possible for future historians who are […]

When using Omeka for this first time, I realized how similar it was to WordPress and other “create your own” websites. I recognized how easy to use it was and […]

My experience with Omeka was somewhat enjoyable. On one hand, I enjoyed being able to examine the tangible sources and in my group’s case, it was sorting through various video […]

Hello Everyone, The practices of preserving, aggregating, and curating data are all similar terms used to describe the managing of digital materials. As noted in the reading, the concept of […]

Hello Everyone,  After learning about the flexibility of Omeka.net, I am extremely interested in the way individuals develop online archives. I imagine Omeka.net being helpful to those interested in developing […]

Hello Everyone, My name is Michael Vieyra and I this is my final semester here at CSULB. I transferred in from Rio Hondo Community College in 2017. Since being a […]