Intro – Josh Michaels

Hi All. I’m Josh a second semester History transfer. Previously I’ve been a Construction and Engineering Management Major and a EMT but neither struck my fancy. I moved to History because I needed something else to do and it has always interested me. It’s one of those fields that I’ve always found really enjoyable and thought didn’t get enough credit. Most of this, I would argue, goes out to horrible teachers that make it a chore instead of the interesting subject that it is. So I want to learn to teach history in order to offset those teachers and to spark the love of history in some other people.

I’m taking this class in specific because I want to be able to augment my teaching with what I learn in this class. Technology, specifically that which we are learning in this class, is the way of the future and I think it would be a disservice to anyone that I teach to not learn about this in order to create the best class and wealth of knowledge possible.

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