Questions for Archive.Org

  1. What’s the primary historical narrative of the game and how is it presented?
    1. The primary historical narrative of the game is to get to Oregon on the Oregon trail. It represents the American idea of Manifest Destiny. The game is presented as a map and diary entry with weather conditions. The main characters are the individuals on the wagon party.
  2. Who is the main protagonist? How are they represented? (Consider their place in history?)
    1. The main protagonist is the wagon party. The wagon party is represented as individuals who are looking to get to Willamette Valley.
  3. Who are the NPC’s? Who are they represent? How are they treated historically?
    1. Some of the NPC’s that we saw were Native Americans, African American women, white ladies, soldiers, children, and Mormons. The Native Americans are represented as stupid because of the way in which their text bubbles were written.
  4. How effectively is history conveyed in the game?
  5. Can they be used to teach history? How? Why?
  6. As a digital media, is this a good way of presenting a historic topic?

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