Oregon Trail Game Response

The narrative of the Oregon Trail Game is simply to make it across the country to Oregon. This is a strategy game to successfully make it across the grueling environment that created the midwest. The main protagonist is tough to pinpoint, but can be argued that you, the player, can be the protagonist. Winning the game and reaching Oregon is the end goal, however, getting there is entirely up to the player. If it means losing the other people in the players party, it is not entirely negative because the player still receives reward points for finishing the digital trek. Throughout the journey the history is not presented as accurately as hoped. Much of the characters that are presented are stereotypes of what people thought, for instance, the Indian is always represented wearing feathers. The journey itself is made easier through modern amenities that would have not existed everywhere through the west, such as a ferry crossing every time a river was on the path of the trail. Nevertheless, the history presented is a good way to introduce the history to the audience playing that otherwise might not be interested in historical topics. This can branch into other games, to introduce history to a younger generation that makes up a large part of video gamers. Utilizing video games is a new avenue into educating children in history and expanding digital history.

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