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The Oregon Trail portrays the realities of pioneer life on the Oregon Trail from Independence, Missouri to Oregon City, Oregon.

The main protagonist in the game is not clearly identified but it could be assumed that they are a white man because of how they are respected and relied upon in the 19th-century setting.

The NPCs tend to be of all genders and races, but each are portrayed differently. For example, women narratives tend to seem like they require some form of help to get through. There are also children who explain how they have to work to get their family through the trail.

The game gives a good overview of life on the trail and the in-game guide and narratives give information on different historical landmarks and the 19th-century pioneer world it takes place in.

Digital media is a great way to present history. While it does have its limitations, it introduces historical topics to an audience that generally would not seek out information. Overall, it helps guide the growth of history as a subject and profession.

I think any topic would be served well by games. More specifically any topic that is heavily reliant on geography and the social climate. Rather than tackling a specific topic, video games are best at giving an overview of historical time periods. Anyone interested and competent in video games can be the audience.

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