Proposal 1

I will be using Omeka and timemapper I will be putting together an archive documenting the lives of the infamous female pirates, Mary Read and Anne Bonny. I am hoping to create a museum style exhibit with a time line and visual aids to help illustrate their lives.

For my question I wanted to ask how the female pirate functioned in comparison to her male shipmates, what drove them to piracy, and what advantages they had being women.

The audience for my project will be those interested in learning about female pirates. Most likely they will be either educators or women between the ages of 15 and 30. From my project I am hoping that people will learn that there were female pirates and that they were often better at being a pirate than their male peers.

The hardest part of the project will be how I set up the exhibit. How it will be categorized juggling two intertwined subjects will be challenging to figure out.

I will get most of the data online from reputable sources. There are also books that write out the history of piracy in the 1700s that mention both Anne and Mary.

As stated before I want to use Omeka for the sake of having a digital exhibit as well as time mapper. I may also use the google mapping tool to show how they moved throughout the Caribbean and where specific events happened.

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