Project Proposal #1

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For my project, I plan on mapping out major locations in which Irish Immigrants were living and working at the time of the American Civil War. This is also the topic I am using for my 301 class, so I will be able to use information for both projects. Irish Immigrants at the time were not American’s favorite people and experienced harsh discrimination. These people also migrated to America to escape famine and poverty and found a nation on the brink of war. I will be using secondary sources such as Irish Americans: Identity and Assimilation by, Marjorie Fallows. This book will give me an insight into their lives and will help me to find primary sources. This book also gives important events during the immigration of the Irish. A primary source I plan on using is Irish Immigration in the United States: Immigrant Interviews. This is a collection of interviews of Irish Immigrants in the 1860s. This will give first-hand accounts of what the Irish were going through at that time. I haven’t found too many specific places to put on my map, but I think with more digging and research, I will be able to find a sufficient amount of locations. I plan on using the software: Timemapper. When our class practiced using this website, it came to me easily and I think it will save me time using an application I am familiar with.

Secondary Source:

Fallows, Marjorie R. Irish Americans: Identity and Assimilation. Ethnic Groups in American Life Series. Englewood Cliffs, N.J.: Prentice-Hall, 1979.

Primary Source:

O’Donovan, Jeremiah. Irish Immigration in the United States: Immigrant Interviews. American Immigration Collection. New York: Arno Press, 1969.

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