Preliminary Proposal

For this project, I plan on researching the growth and expansion of the Long Beach Unified School District. With the present day school district being a vast and expansive school district that encompasses elementary, middle, and high school, Long Beach Schools have gone through huge periods of expansion since the first school opened in 1885. While many of the original schools do not exist, some of the schools from the first wave of growth still stand today such as Long Beach Poly High School. This project aims to link the growth of Long Beach as a metropolitan coastal city with the expansion of schools and education.

For this project, I am planning on mapping the development of schools on a timeline. For this purpose, I plan on using Mapbox to visualize the developments. The reason for choosing this mapping software is due to school development being a process. Schools that originally existed near the origins of the Long Beach School System do not exist today. To achieve this, the schools must be able to disappear from the map or move to follow the histories of the individual schools. This type of change is a difficult aspect to achieve and cannot be completed in other mapping tools.

Some questions that I still need to figure out include the specific time frame that I am wanting to look at. I have already done extensive research into the time period of 1885-1934, however I would like to extend this into at the very least, the 1960’s. I am considering to extend the time period to present day, but I feel like 1885-1970 would prove a good start of my research.

In conclusion, my project would like to analyze the growth of Long Beach being reflected through the growth of schools and the LBUSD. Through the use of Mapbox, I will attempt to show both the creation and decline of schools during the time period of 1885-1970.

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