Map Blog: Mermaid Lore

This project was extremely entertaining and I spent longer on it than I probably should have. Originally I thought it would be fun to map out mermaid legends thinking that there had to at least be a time range listed as to when these myths began to appear somewhere on the internet. I was naive. Not only did it take hours of deep detective research to get the dates I finally settled on into my map but some myths were so poorly recorded that I couldn’t add them to the map at all. Even artwork portraying mermaids went undated. Eventually I found enough general dates to make a map and get this done but it took me over six hours. I think I am going to do more of my Sherlock style research and add to the map at some point in the future. As far as the tech goes I think the system was simple to use which helped me a lot because I was ready to murder someone for not putting dates on anything. A simple user interface made everything run smoothly.

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