My Map

This map shows the path of the American military in the Pacific theater during World War II.

This experience was largely beneficial in understanding how to use mymaps and how excel can be used to quicken the process of importing data. This experience and knowledge would likely be quite beneficial in using my time much more efficiently in the future. Inputting 22 data-points took a lot longer than I expected and was incredibly frustrating. The experience allows me to prioritize specific data and gives me the context to pick an idea for any future digital projects.

Mapping points on a map makes it easier to visualize a topic. While military history may use maps much more frequently than others, the application of maps in other forms of history is quite apparent as it would be quite beneficial to see the location of events in a monograph rather than just reading about it. The visual context allows for a deeper understanding of the direction of the events and would place deeper magnitude.

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