Mapping Out Vasco da Gama’s First Expedition to India

Overall, I had a fun time mapping out Vasco da Gama’s expedition around Africa, to India. I feel I was able to bond that of events and location. Having a visual map of where things happened can allow people to visualize these areas, rather than just reading a log, diary, newspaper, etc. For example, when I was reading through the journal of Vasco da Gama’s journey, you captivate a lot of the environment through the words alone. However, this map allows those descriptions to come to life as a person navigates through the spaces. Also, with use of maps you even gauge the amount of time and space traveled back then. Therefore, people can step into the shoes of the people during that time, seeing the speed of travel, distance from their homeland, or differences of the culture, or people on the way. Thus, I am glad that I was able experiment with this map and bring a journal to life.

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