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Digital data curation is collecting various documents or primary sourced and organizing them digitally. This process is difficult because the curator must preserve the data, but also preserve the importance of each individual document. An old document someone might scan digitally could lose its emotional effect when being seen digitally.

The difficulty with aggregating these documents is figuring out which sources belong together digitally. The process of aggregation allows you to decide which documents and sources should be placed together in a digital format. One might use this process when creating a digital exhibit or gallery in a database.

Preserving primary sources in a data base can be hard because of the value in hard copies of various documents. I was recently went to the Los Angeles Comic Con, and I got to take a look at priceless comics and there was this energy and emotion behind looking at these books, the natural wear and tear of history of a document. I later went on an saw these books online and it just showed the cover in digital format and it looked brand new. This changed the emotional ties behind a 80 year old comic book. Preserving historical documents is should be done by giving the exact physical look of the documents.

If I were creating my family’s historical archive, I would really sit down with my whole family and decide what to include and what to keep private. I wouldn’t want the whole world to have access to everything we have gone through because it loses emotional value. Also there are things that are special to us that might not be special to the masses of people that would hypothetically visit this archive. I would include accomplishments, careers, interests, photos, and family traditions. Maybe detailing family trips and traditions that could influence other families to do the same. I would give my immediate family full access to the archive so they play an equal part in including what they believe is important and exciting for other people to learn about. This would be something fun to do with my family after this class… I don’t really believe that people would go and read it, but it would be fun to show my future kids a website that teaches them all about their family history.

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