Preserving the Family

Preserving Data

In the process of preserving data someone is actively maintaining the existence of raw material. Its purpose is to make sure its safe from environmental factors, with the inclusion of making sure its authenticity or credibility is not altered. Digital preservation problems can occur from file corruption, a change or out of date software, viruses, data drive misplacement in areas without individual or party ownership, as well as being dependent of collaborative copyright material. Also, overtime data can flow from multiple people or media files, which can unintentionally distort the original content of information. In order to combat these issues, storage drives need to continuously up to date or monitored. It would also be good to practice multiple programs or forms of technology. This would help by saving data in multiple places in case of unseen accidents.

Curation of Data

In regards to data curation, it is the means in making sure the information is appropriately organized and displayed to the public. It takes the collected information and categorizes it in order for it be better used for future research. Much of the problems underlying curation is having appropriate staffing and knowledge of the material. If work is retained correctly or misplaced it can end up being useless for the future. Collaboration is often needed for proper maintenance or gathering of expertise when classifying certain work.

Aggregation of Data

Lastly the aggregation of data is the act of analyzing the material and often giving a statistical explanation of the following documents. Things such as the type of people writing or viewing the documents becomes relevant, like their age, gender, race, etc. It is done in order to gain comparisons or contrasts from all the material being presented, drawing conclusions, or serving as a marketing tool.

Example of Archive issues

  1. I notice on the Hurricane Digital Memory Bank collection that there is multiple third parties inputting their information in regards to hurricane Katrina. Therefore much of the data accumulated in this bank is dependent on the contributors to continue displaying this information. They could choose to take their information down, make a mistake, etc. There is a lot of dependency on these third parties to keep their copyright-en material in the database.
  • Here is a clear example of documents being withheld, specifically this one being controlled by the U.S military. Also looking below the statement clearly says “Copyrights for materials in the archive are retained by the original creators.”

Preserving Family Home

Thinking about possibly digitally preserving my families history seems a bit hard at first. Initially I would go as far as to manage what is in the house or cars. Yet there is a lot of stuff in our house that either other family members left, or has been out of use for a while. I think I would first make it clear to my family on what items or stories are relevant to their life. I am not going to just go into the garage and point at things that I assumed they used, at particular moments in time. Therefore, yes I would probably record their biased item or stories at first, just so I am aware what areas they would like to involve or not include. After that is clear, i would probably make my own judgement as well, from my own experience in regards to their stories or items. I would organize the information based on my family members in the house. Then I would categorize it even further to their types of items, stories, and time period in which those things were relevant. Now to record the image of these items or to establish its integrity, I would take photos of the objects, or have live recording of discussions with my family members and I. As for the primary source itself, I think would keep my hands away from those tangible objects, not knowing if it would be used in the future. The database in which I would have would be based on my family specifically, using photos, statements, and recordings (visual or audio).However, if my friend or family member in relation to me wanted to perform the same type of preservation of their family home, I could have them add it as a separate family in connection to mine. Overall, this information would be on a public site, judging by my process of making sure my family was okay with the information I was displaying.

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