Favorite Websites

My favorite website from our discussion is the Digital History website from the University of Houston. This website makes it easy and enjoyable to find information on the History of the United States. This is no boring website where you just have to read to figure out where to find various things, but it gives you the opportunity to play with the timeline located in the middle of the opening screen.

Clicking in any box can provide information based on the year and category you click.

This timeline allows you to interact with the digital history provided by the university in a fun way. You can click various places on the time to give you the specific media or documents you want to see from a specific year in history. This website also provides lessons and information for teachers who are researching for their future lessons.

I believe this website uses information in a very appropriate way. Allowing people to use information for lessons to teach students and also provide these facts for students is helping out many people learn in an exciting way. Although these websites allow you to interact with the information, it is still a very simple website that takes the simplest of coding. It is simple because there are no videos, there is nothing other than click click information being presented in this website.


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