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My favorite website was the one on the french revolution. Compared to the other websites it felt like it had a more user friendly interface. It also gave access to a multitude of primary sources and presented information in a way that was friendly to the traditional model of history. Overall it was well organized and (on an nonacademic note) it was nice to look at with pictures being the main tool for navigation throughout the site. The use of technology allowed for the user to have visuals representing the various categories one can click on. This is not however something I would consider clever or new. It felt more like they were trying to just layer visuals onto traditional sources. The sources were easy to navigate through though which would have been much harder with the use of physical documentation.

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  1. What about the second part of the questions? While it may have been friendly to traditional methods, was it a unique or creative use of technology that does something new? Or is it just simply analog/traditional history done on the web and why?


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