Good Afternoon, everyone, I am Demetri and I am currently in my one-hundredth year at CSULB and similar to you, I am trying to learn how to digital methods are and can be applied to historical research. The reason I chose to take this course is that it is for one, fulfilling a world history requirement, and two because Professor Smith takes a different approach to history which is refreshing from the traditional method.

            In regards to my computer and technological skills, I would say they are average or possibly above average from the normal person. As far as experience goes, the most advanced thing I have done was creating a website back in high school. I had to code everything and I remember it coming out well, but it’s safe to say that I don’t remember much about coding after all these years.

            I was fortunate enough to grow up in the age of modern computers and can remember my first computer experience taking place at my elementary school. It was in the computer lab and we used the old Mac computers to play Oregon Trail (nostalgia at its finest). I remember how impressed I was with this technology, especially since I didn’t have a computer in my home at the time. In present times, as far as the technology I use in my everyday life, I currently use just a laptop, smartphone, and play video games on video game consoles. I have yet to indulge in such things as smart watches or build a PC, but I am always open to learning about new technology and devices.

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