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My favorite sites were The Valley of the ShadowGilded Age Murder, and the Digital Scholarship Lab(specifically Mapping Inequality). I think these sites are effective because they are easy to navigate, and the navigation styles are presented in an entertaining way. They also provide information without making it too difficult to find like some of the other sites. I think the Digital Scholarship Lab did a very good job at leveraging technology because of the maps it provided. The Mapping Inequality map had so much districts highlighted, including small ones, and had a lot of information for each of those districts. Overall, all of these sites had something beneficial to provide. They each presented useful information in a very organized and easy to find manner.

This is the Mapping Inequality map. Each of those highlighted districts has information such as a description of the district, its population, and its demographics.

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  1. A good start to our discussion, however I’d like to see a bit more on the site itself. What specifically makes it effective, who is technology leveraged in a way that makes it more effective than the way traditional history approaches this subject?


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