February 2019

I will admit that I use wikipedia more often than I am supposed to in regards to academic projects. I think that wikipedia organizes information in the most efficient way, […]

Preserving means to maintain the data or information in order to ensure that the information is not lost. This may mean that an incredible amount of data may be preserved. […]

While data preservation, curation, and aggregation are different, they are all important concepts to understand when working in digital history. Data preservation is when the digital historian actively maintains, protects, […]

When it comes to digitalizing archives and information, a historian must take into consideration how they plan to continuously preserve, curate, and aggregate their data. Preserving data means to protect […]

Digital data curation is collecting various documents or primary sourced and organizing them digitally. This process is difficult because the curator must preserve the data, but also preserve the importance […]

The differences between the practices of preserving, and curating data are simply the way it is stored, or archived. In DH terms digital archives are for all to access, a […]

Preserving the Family

Preserving Data In the process of preserving data someone is actively maintaining the existence of raw material. Its purpose is to make sure its safe from environmental factors, with the […]

Favorite Websites

My favorite website from our discussion is the Digital History website from the University of Houston. This website makes it easy and enjoyable to find information on the History of […]

When looking at the various sites, three of the sites gained my attention throughout the list. These sites were often organized, full of information, and innovative in some way. The […]