Hi everyone, my name is Kyle Rice and this is my first semester at Cal State Long Beach. I am a History transfer from Long Beach City College and I am undecided on what my focus will be. I took this class because a friend of mine majored in History a a few years ago and he mentioned his favorite Professor was Sean Smith. Not only did Sean’s name catch my eye, but the title of the class caught my attention as well. It is my first semester as a History major here so it was mandatory to take History 301 and in order to help me with that class I figured it was a great idea to learn the same type of skills in the digital world since our world is consistently changing at a rapid pace. Outside of school I enjoy snowboarding, reading comics, watching movies, and traveling. My girlfriend and friends are also a very important part of my life. I currently am employed in the Los Alamitos School District as an Instructional Aide which is a perfect stepping stone to my dream career as a special-ed teacher. I am really looking forward to the rest of this class! Good luck everyone.

Kyle Rice

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