Intro to Me

Hey everyone, my name is Jedaki Hill. I am from Oceanside California and like many of you I came to CSULB to pursue a major in History. For my hobbies I like to ride my bike, play video games, write, and surf the web for interesting DIY videos. My reasons for attending this Digital Methods course is to become more efficient in using the the web to share my ideas, creations, or research with the world. I definitely see this class helping me market myself as a person or historian to a wider audience. Also, I see the benefits of certain platforms keeping me organized or even accessible to a variety of social connections. I have always been a person to be constantly on the move or wanting to learn new things that I see useful in the future. Saying that, I come into this class with not the best background in computer skills. I can surf the web, do research, and have access to a few cool programs, but anything beyond that will be pretty new to me. However, I tend to be very driven when I want certain results out of my computer (Zoolander style). At best, I can say I’m a problem solver and wont stop till my vision has come true. Thus, I am looking forward to what I can learn from this class.

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