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My name is Hunter MacDonald and I am taking the class for my world history credit, but I am also excited to see where this class takes me. The idea of digital history is very intriguing and and it seems to have limitless potential to grow. I also enjoy Prof. Smith as a teacher and can’t wait to have him guide us down the rabbit hole of digital history.

I am a bit older then most in our class so my first memory of computers was playing with a green triangle which later became a turtle. Moving our turtle through mazes and making shapes was awesome, this of course was before we had a mouse. The Apple II was the greatest thing once we could start playing Oregon Trail. That and Number Munchers were staples in our class room. My first home computer was the Apple Quadra 605 I believe it was called. Dialing up on AOL and sitting in chat rooms was all the rage.

I basically stuck with the apple family with a few PCs between. I am a musician and a Mac was the gold standard for recording. Using pro tools and the Digi 001 was my first step into digital recording and I have not gone back. I am 100% an apple zombie, my phone is a Xs I have a 2018 MacBook Pro, and a iPad mini gen 3 I believe. Can’t forget the Apple TV that we have at home.

I am looking forward to using more digital media for history and getting away from my other outlets of digital media like Facebook and Instagram. This should be an awesome class. Twitter: @hmhistorylens

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