January 2019

Hey guys, I’m Byron. On top of using this class to fulfill my world history requirements, I am also interested in the digital method aspect of the course and how […]

Hello Everyone! My name is Christopher Moorhouse. I am a fourth year history major with modern US and modern World as my areas of focus. I am working towards my […]

Hi everyone, my name is Kyle Rice and this is my first semester at Cal State Long Beach. I am a History transfer from Long Beach City College and I […]

Hi everyone! My name is Shannon Mahoney and I’m a third year history major with a focus in ancient and modern European history. I’m obsessed with Greek mythology and I […]

Hey everyone, my name is Jedaki Hill. I am from Oceanside California and like many of you I came to CSULB to pursue a major in History. For my hobbies […]

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My name is Hunter MacDonald and I am taking the class for my world history credit, but I am also excited to see where this class takes me. The idea […]

Hello everyone! My name is Mariana Ortega and I am in my last semester as a grad student here at CSULB. I am interested in digital archivation and all the […]

Hi all, My name is John Baek. I’m a long time So-Cal resident and I’ve lived in Koreatown for most of my life. I transferred to Long Beach State last […]

Hello all, my name is Jared McMaster and am in my last semester here at Cal State Long Beach. A snippet about me, is that I am a Lifeguard for […]