As I continue my journey as a historian, the tools and knowledge I gain along the way continue to help my growth as a historian. Through the History 305 […]

https://www.linkedin.com/in/kirsten-a-hernandez/ As a non-history major who hasn’t taken very many methodology classes within the department, this class was a breath of fresh air because it can be applied to many […]

History 305: Digital Methods in History was a new take on the subject that surprised my ideas on historical presentation methods. The class, from teachings and assignments, allowed me to […]

History 305 Digital Methods in History proved to be a very beneficial experience and one that taught me a lot. Through this course, I understand a completely different method of […]

I took this class because I was talking to a buddy who graduated with a History degree and he said, “you must take a class with Sean Smith.” I didn’t […]

I must have been absent the day, this was assigned or just got behind. However, I do have a linkedin Page that I created about a year ago for another […]

I took this class because I am interested in the digital humanities and especially, the digitization of archival sources. However, I saw the importance of gaining some knowledge of “doing […]

I started off excited to take this class. I have enjoyed Prof. Smith’s classes and his teaching style. What I didn’t expect what the amount of information I didn’t know […]