LinkedIn as an Online Presence

Since the c. 2006 days of Myspace, I have had some sort of presence on social media. My sole purpose was more so to keep in touch with friends and make connections outside of my family. With the inevitable progression into Facebook, my intentions of social media has not really changed except that Facebook has become more of a platform to scroll for random Buzzfeed articles, questionably accurate news, and events for social dancing in the area instead of getting to know people.┬áThe usage of Twitter as a platform is not the strongest in my repertoire. Occasionally, I’ll post about a random fact, event, or observation about life or I’ll use it to message some sort of celebrity that has no real concept about my existence. I also have an Instagram and a Snapchat. Instagram is a creative platform in which I post photos that I’m particularly fond of whether that was from a photoshoot or from my own personal travels. Snapchat is my main outlet for the mundane, day-to-day moments that I would like so share but would have no problem seeing go. Like Instagram, I also have a Tumblr account to post creative writing pieces in the rare instances those appear.

In the creation of a personal LinkedIn page, I came to realize that I do not necessarily see it as a social media site but as strictly an online resume. When I think social media, I think of the mundane and the silly escapes from reality. When I see LinkedIn, I see a much more formal presence for potential employers. Being a student, LinkedIn has the potential to expose me to venues that I may not have reached in any of the previously mentioned platforms.

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