December 16, 2016

I was actually introduced to Big Data in another one of my classes awhile ago but I had no understanding of what it was until now. Both the readings on […]

I probably shouldn’t have been considering I did my project on anime, but I was actually really surprised by the readings. Plus I had never heard of JFK Reloaded so […]

link posting my resume to linkin really gave me some perspective. I don’t have a picture up so I fell like it’s pretty incomplete, except as a place to store […]

This debate on Big Data being a Civil Rights issue is startling. Especially because I never even looked at it this way. At most I just thought that my phone […]

here! My purpose in the creation of this website is to introduce audiences to anime as a cultural product of Japan, and the diverse body of scholarly writing on it. […]

As the semester is closing, I’ve been reflecting on just how bad I did. Almost across the board I dropped the ball, and in this class, I procrastinated and had […]

Let me start off first by saying how excited I was that video games were up for discussion in class. I am by no means an accomplished sort of gamer […] Since the c. 2006 days of Myspace, I have had some sort of presence on social media. My sole purpose was more so to keep in touch with friends […]