Women in DH

Women in digital humanities have been marginalized and shunned for years. There seems to be a very misogynistic culture behind DH that is gaining more and more attention.  In 2012 a feminist challenged this cultural norm by investigating the way women have been portrayed in video games for the past few decades.  She received horrible backlash from the digital community which included vandalizing her Wikipedia page, an abusive video game where the paler beats her, as well as real life death threats. This makes the motif of DH culture seem violently anti women. This culture also crosses over into classroom across the country. Women taking coding and other DH classes feel extremely pressured to do well because there is a low representation of women involved in this specialty. Another example from the reading of the misogynistic culture of DH is shown through Katie Williams’ experience with a PR member of a video gaming company. When she begins playing the game the PR consultant takes the controller from her and verbally suggests to her that he should just play instead. The reading all also suggest that the DH culture doesn’t exclude women, but also people of color. If this is so we need to find a way to diversify the DH community in order to diversify the work that is being produced by this field.

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