December 15, 2016

Reflective Essay Over this course, that being Digital Humanities / History, during my first semester at CSULB during the fall of 2016 I have noticed that my analytical eye and […]

Entering the class, I felt pretty confident in taking on digital methods in history. Although I am no coder or techie knowledgeable in source code, I have always grown up […]

This class has been a good experience in that I learned the possibilities that the Internet holds for teaching and democratizing history to others. There are many free tools online […]

For being a class I decided to take on a whim, History 305: Digital Methods was by far the most enjoyable class I have had all semester. Before this class, […]   Shawn. Here is the finished product. I was not sure how to transfer this to your WordPress account. If you need permission obtaining the right for this kind […]

  Digital History has integrated computer and data science into my understanding of history. Although the class introduced the use of statistics and data visualizations to direct historical research and […]

Let me start by explaining that the reason I added this class was to get more comfortable with computers. It’s the 21st century and everything is rapidly becoming digitized, including […]

Big data is an innovative research tool that scholars have adapted to encourage the expansion of academic research within their disciplines. The development of the three V’s of big data, […]

Women in digital humanities have been marginalized and shunned for years. There seems to be a very misogynistic culture behind DH that is gaining more and more attention. ¬†In 2012 […]

Reading the blog posts of women within the tech community, both Laura and Mariam express discontent with the lack of teaching in the tech world.¬†Mariam describes the process of learning […]