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Although historical video games don’t always depict the events in a perfectly accurate way, they do offer historically accurate environment which helps players gain an understanding of a particular time and place in history. For example, the Assassin’s Creed series follows the story of an assassin who takes out people who are a part of the Knights Templar.  Many of the actual events that happen in the game are fictional, but the architecture, fashion,  and many other cultural aspects of ancient cities like Jerusalem and Acre (original game) are made observable. Players don’t necessarily have to pick up a book to learn about broad cultural ideas from the time era. The PlayThePast points out that there are thousands of blogs dedicated to the accuracy of these games, and thousands of search have been performed on search engines to separate the history from the fiction of the video game. So does the game actually teach players about history. Sure! It gives broad incite to what life could have been like for individuals from the era. Not only that but games Like Assassin’s Creed and JFK Reloaded get players interested and actually leaves them wanting to know the historical truth of past events, leading them to hunt down the truth and learn without textbooks. The important thing about these types of games is that they get people thinking like a historian. Players are starting to inquire on the information presented to them, and that’s what we do as historians.


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